Ident Me is a secure identity verification system alternative to traditional customer onboarding which allows deVere clients to be verified before using one of deVere’s apps and solutions.​

What is KYC?

KYC (or Know your Client), is a financial services standard that requires us to verify the identity and address of a potential investor. The investor is required to submit documentation to authenticate their identity and address e.g. passport and utility bill with proof of address on it.
It is also used to identify and verify each person who has authority on the investment account being opened.
It’s a Hassle-free, simple and secure way to verify your identity and submit your KYC documentation.
IDENT ME validates personal data.
Once verified, you will have access to all deVere apps without going through the verification process again for each app.

How does it work?

A simple three step identification verification covers the KYC process.



Take pictures of the front and back of your ID card or passport.



Take a picture of a document with your address on it e.g. utility bill, rental agreement​



Take a selfie which will get verified against your ID/Passport photo​

ID Card or Passport;

Address confirmation like a utility bill, rental agreement, bank letter etc;

Your personal details on hand e.g. date of birth.


Your Personal information is protected by encryption and biometric data;

The KYC data transfer is encrypted and can only happen with your full consent and authenticated using your credentials;

All collected data is securely stored in a unified profile to undergo a simplified compliance evaluation by certified staff.

About us

deVere, one of the largest independent technologically innovative financial services companies, welcomes disruptive technology and innovation as we focus on delivering forward thinking strategies by offering faster and more efficient services to our client.

The solutions offered across all of our platforms continue to enhance simplicity, reliability and convenience, helping users manage their daily finances with ease.

ISO 27001 Certified

We know that security and compliance are critical factors in forging trust between our business and customers.

We are proud to announce that we are now ISO 27001 certified Identity Verification solution.

In our pursuit of Data Protection and Information security excellence, we implement world-class information security systems. We are very proud to have achieved certification in the leading international standard in Information Security, ISO-27001, and we continue to live those principals of Information Security on a daily basis.

Our Apps

Select whichever app you want to use


Discover deVere Core, an exclusive deVere client app that allows you to access your holdings, premium payments and future offers directly from your mobile or tablet.​


Catalyst is a low cost, savings app that offers modern investment products to help you build a globally diversified, long term portfolio.


We also use an innovative and modern approach through our smartphone app, to offer easily manageable investment products. We want to make sure that you reach all your financial goals, and we believe that today this can also be achieved through a simple click.


Vault is a global money app that allows you to store, transfer and exchange currency to and from your account in real-time to any user or merchant that accepts Mastercard®.


From the market leaders, The deVere Group, a financial planning app that gives detailed insight into your financial future, factoring often missed parameters by alternative app providers and features that are often spread across a number of apps that often just need to be in one place.


The ATOM Trust App is a paperless application form which allows prospective clients to apply for the establishment of their own trust. Prospective clients shall be provided with log in details by an Atom Trustees Ltd representative.

Notary Services

Getting documents certified by a notary could take weeks as you wait for appointments, not to mention the cost of couriers and legal professional services.
Our Notarial service sources, notarises & returns documents, digitally, in days for a guaranteed flat fee, saving you time, money & hassle while keeping your workflows fully digital.

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