Through IDENT ME you can access our notarial services which allows you to get your documents certified online by a professional notary and returned digitally signed

Getting documents certified by a notary could take weeks as you wait for appointments, not to mention the cost of couriers and legal professional services.
The service sources, notarises & returns documents, digitally, in days for a guaranteed flat fee, saving you time, money & hassle while keeping your workflows fully digital.

How it works?

01 Book Your Appointment Online​​

Select a time to connect with one of our legal professionals remotely and get your documents certified.

02 Confirmation

Enter your contact details and upload the documents to be certified.

03 Pay

Pay via our secure online platform.

04 Confirmation

Receive confirmation of the joining details of your appointment to connect remotely with one of our legal professionals and complete the document.

05 Verify

Receive an email requesting you to verify your passport in 5 minutes via our partner app IDENT ME. Do this before your appointment.
* You would have to resubmit your KYC documents for the notarial service.


Your privacy is important

As we do not give any of your data to third parties, You would have to resubmit separate KYC documents for the notarial services.

Your security matters

All documents are digitally certified to legal and regulatory standards.